EXCLUSIVE: Nobody had expected this discovery:
A talented student from Southampton won Britain’s highest medical award for discovering a method to lose 31 lb in one month without dieting, weight training or gaining weight!

Health News, Monday, 2 August 2022, British Society for Nutrition

Nutritionists are in fear of losing their jobs! Will this new solution make them redundant? The leading nutritionists are absolutely sure of it, because a British student has developed a solution with which you too can lose weight naturally. The method fights obesity and helps you reach your desired dream weight

Jasmine presented a unique idea that scientific research centres immediately implemented

How can this new formula save millions of lives and how can British citizens purchase this product with up to 50% discount? Read all this in our article.

Reporter: Jasmine, you are among the top 10 brightest students in medical schools worldwide. Why did you choose obesity as your field of research?

Jasmine: Actually, I am very reluctant to talk about it in public. A few years ago, my mother died of high blood pressure caused by her being overweight. Everything was fine until she had a stroke in the night and died in agony. Suddenly she was gone. My grandmother died in the same way. I then began to study everything related to obesity. I was shocked to learn that 90% of diets, pills, sports methods and liposuction are extremely dangerous to health and only make the problem worse. My mother went through such diets herself in combination with aerobics for almost 5 years! Actually, I am very reluctant to talk about it in public. A few years ago, my mother died of high blood pressure caused by her being overweight. Everything was fine until she had a stroke in the night and died in agony. Suddenly she was gone. My grandmother died in the same way. I then began to study everything related to obesity. I was shocked to learn that 90% of diets, pills, sports methods and liposuction are extremely dangerous to health and only make the problem worse. My mother went through such diets herself in combination with aerobics for almost 5 years!

In the last 3 years, I have concentrated mainly on this field. The new treatment method for obesity that deserves so much attention today came to light exactly at that time. I was aware that I had stumbled upon a completely new approach, but I didn’t realize that I would attract so much attention with it.

Reporter: What attention?

Jasmine: When my weight loss method went public, I received countless requests to sell my idea. First came the French, who offered me €122,400. Recently, I received an offer from the USA of $35 million. I have changed my phone number and I don’t use social networks anymore because I am harassed by more requests every day.

Reporter: As far as I know, you have not sold the formula until today, correct?

Jasmine: No, I didn’t do that. It may sound strange, but I did not create this formula so that people could make a profit from it. What do you think would happen if I sold this formula abroad? Someone will get the patent and will prohibit the production of the formula by others. The price would skyrocket. I am young, but I am not stupid. So, the chance to buy the product would be denied to countless people in England. One of the doctors I spoke to told me that such a drug would cost at least £2700. Unbelievable! How many people can afford to pay £2700 for it?

That’s why I accepted immediately when I was offered to participate in the development of the product. I had the opportunity to work with the most experienced experts from Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, the Medical Faculty and MSH Medical School Southampton. A great experience! Only recently, the clinical trials were completed, and the product is now available to the general public.

The coordinator of the medical development was Dr James Carr – diabetologist, nutritionist and medical director of Cambridge Institute for Medical Research. We asked them to tell us more about the new drug and future plans.

Reporter: What do you think is Jasmine’s main concern? Is it possible to lose weight without dieting and exercise?

Dr. James Carr: Dieting is pure torture and a waste of money! Already more than 14,000 satisfied users of our natural weight loss solution have confirmed this. They have completed a course of the product and are now enjoying their slim figure. We reviewed well-known diets and wanted to find out why they don’t work. These are our conclusions:

The majority of all diets are recommended by lay people: To lose 22lb, you need to eat healthy for at least 2.5 months. You should also avoid your favourite foods for the rest of your life to prevent weight gain! You may even come across diets developed by people who understand nothing about how the human body works, the digestive system and a healthy diet. These diets are harmful, dangerous and absolutely useless.

Diets weaken your body and your immune system: they cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Your body loses energy, and you will always feel tired, irritable and sleepy. The body’s resistance to viruses and bacteria decreases and you become ill more often.

So-called diet foods can be harmful: Manufacturers lure people with special fitness foods but sell them at a very high price. Unfortunately, these products do not contain as much fibre as expected and are full of glucose. Therefore, such a product can contain even more calories than a hamburger! Moreover, sugar-free products can turn out to be carcinogenic!

Diets are expensive: a diet and a visit to a nutritionist cost at least £245 a month. In addition, low-calorie foods and fitness foods are usually expensive. As a result, you spend 4 times more money on a diet than on normal products. You will have to diet all your life to maintain the weight you want. No amount of money can cope with this cost.

In addition, the so-called yo-yo effect occurs after a diet: A weakened body automatically starts to accumulate energy and at the same time slows down the metabolism as much as possible. This can cause you to return to your original weight very quickly. Due to this, the new weight loss method is a great breakthrough in losing weight!

The student’s method will help you lose weight fast and never gain it back!

She suggested using a unique chemical formula that can activate the process of ketosis within just 50 minutes.

*Ketosis is the state of metabolism that causes your body to convert its own fat into energy. When your body stops getting energy from carbohydrate-rich foods, it goes into ketosis within 7-14 days. This actively converts fat into energy. But it’s hard to stick to a no-carb diet.

A special solution called Personal Best ACV Gummies is based on Jasmine Griffin’s formula. Just a few gummies are enough to facilitate ketosis.

The main effect of Personal Best ACV Gummies is that they allow you to quickly enter ketosis and convert fat into energy.

With Personal Best ACV Gummies you can lose 20-30 lbs within one month!

Today, 80% of nutritionists use and recommend this remedy because it ensures quick and easy weight loss. In addition to ketones, Personal Best ACV Gummies contains about 10 natural and safe ingredients needed for fast and easy weight loss. They enhance the effect of the ketones and support your weight loss health. I would like to highlight a few of them:

Niacin (B3) extract – Reduces appetite, increases fat loss and helps you get rid of excess weight.

Biotin (B7) – improves heart function, normalizes metabolic processes and has a positive effect on the body.

Vitamin K1 – removes fluids from the body, cleanses and strengthens the digestive system and improves its function.

Iodine extract – increases the amount of endorphins and provides a boost of energy, reduces addiction to sweets.

Zinc – stimulates active fat burning, metabolism, vitality and energy levels.

We want you to look at the results of the research study conducted at the Institute for European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Oxford. More than 1000 obese volunteers took part in the research of a complex. All of them switched to Personal Best ACV Gummies for one month only.

Test results (after 1 month): 
Weight loss of 22 lbs or more – 21% of participants. 
Weight loss of 17-22lbs – 77% of participants. 
Less than 11 lbs – 2% of participants. 
Improvement of skin, reduction of cellulite – 98% of participants. 
No side effects or addictive effect – 100%.

Results after 60 days with Personal Best ACV Gummies:

Results after 30 days with Personal Best ACV Gummies:

Results after 60 days with Personal Best ACV Gummies:

Results after 90 days with Personal Best ACV Gummies:

Reporter: Impressive! Can the remedy also be bought in the pharmacy? And, how expensive is the product in general?

Dr. James Carr: When the pharmaceutical industry got wind of the efficacy of the remedy, they naturally came after us, as you can imagine. They wanted to convince Jasmine to sell the formula. But they didn’t want to produce it. On the contrary, they just wanted to avoid putting the product on the market. Treatments for obesity are the biggest source of revenue in the pharmaceutical market. In the USA alone, millions of dollars are turned over through a wide variety of remedies. With our product, this situation would change dramatically. Who would still spend a lot of money on useless products when you can instead buy Personal Best ACV Gummies and have solved the problem of obesity FOREVER?

All pharmacy chains are partners of large pharmaceutical companies that work closely together. So they are also directly affected by the sales figures. They don’t want to know about our product. Even if it is a product recommended by the Research Centre for Biology and Nutritional Science in Southampton to combat obesity.

Reporter: If it is not available in pharmacies, where can you buy it?

Dr. James Carr: We have decided that we can do without working with pharmacies if they don’t want to have anything to do with us. That is why we sell Personal Best ACV Gummies directly and without intermediaries. 

Reporter: How much does the drug cost?

Dr. James Carr: Of course, I can’t release the production costs like that, but we worked closely with the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg to keep the costs as low as possible for the customer. Fortunately, the experts agreed that such a drug should be accessible to everyone and not just to a select social class. 

Personal Best ACV Gummies has been available in the UK since 2022. The production of the product was hampered by the Corona crisis. But also due to the great demand, Personal Best ACV Gummies were already sold out 4 times this year.

The treatment is currently available over-the-counter online without a prescription.

Personal Best ACV Gummies have proven in clinical studies that a 16-week application resulted in an average weight loss of 47 lbs.

Apart from the staggering weight loss results that were observed during testing, all side effects that might occur were tested. It turned out that an application with Personal Best ACV Gummies does not cause any strong side effects.

The effectiveness of Personal Best ACV Gummies has been developed and tested over many years by various international scientific groups. This technique has been used by individual doctors for several years, but the first few products were far too expensive at several thousand quid. By optimising the production process, large-scale production is possible. Due to the sales release in Britain at the end of 2022, the price could be further reduced. 

This product is super! I only took it for a month and still managed to lose 13 lbs, which is enough for now. 😂 

Answer ·  12 · Like · Follow · 01.05.2023

Really super my dear!

Answer ·  4 · Like · Follow · 02.05.2023

I also did this with the gummies at the beginning of the year. Super simple and works really well. 

Answer ·  6 · Like · Follow · 02.05.2023

Do I have to give up certain foods if I take these gummies?

Answer ·  1 · Like · Follow · 04.05.2023

Dr. James Carr

Our clients eat whatever they want and the remedy still helps them lose weight.

Answer · 7 · Like · Follow · 04.09.2022

I took a course of the Personal Best ACV Gummies six months ago and lost 41lbs I have not gained weight again, the product is really cool.

Answer ·  4 · Like · Follow · 05.05.2023

Dr. James Carr

I am very pleased!

Answer · 3 · Like · Follow · 05.09.2022

A friend recommended it to me, and I am very happy with the bears. I don’t have any side effects either. It’s very pleasant for me.

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I am a general practitioner, nutritionist, diabetologist and medical director of Cambridge Institute for Medical Research.

Dr. James Carr is an author, publicist and popular speaker on the subject of health and nutrition.

More than 40 years of experience and more than 14,000 patients who have started a different life with the help of weight loss.